6 Hobbies Which Will Improve Your Employability

Employers look for a wide array of details when it comes to the hiring decison, and hobbies is one of them. For Employers understanding what you enjoy to do in your spare time can help them understand your focus, and whether you would be a good cultural fit for the company - of course it's not easy to guess the company culture to put it on your CV! We have compiled a list of some good hobbies what will improve your employability. 

Creative Pursuits
Examples: Playing music, cooking, painting, photography
Creative activities show you appreciate bringing something to life. They show you have a focus and commitment to carefully create art. With a natural flow of energy innovative ideas are thought of. Can you give an example of a lightbulb moment where everything seemed in sync? If you have got a grade in one of these, make sure to include it within your CV. 

Team Sport
Examples: Football, Netball, Lacrosse, Rugby
The shared moral that comes with team sport is very transferable into the working environment. It shows you support your fellow team mates and work hard to win in a collaborative approach - and this when applied to work means you can be a team player and want to collectively succeed. Have you taken a leadership role, been a captain or lead your team to victory? Draw on your previous experience and highlight a specific time where you have utilised different factors within your team environment. Are they transferable to the role you’re applying for?

Cultural Activities
Examples: Travelling, visiting museums, reading 
Travelling is a great way to expand your mind-set, indulge in different cultures and appreciate new foods! A thirst for knowledge, you seek out the unusual and inspiring. With an appreciation for the past and an interest in the future, cultural activities will show youhave depth. Is there a particular time that stands out where you learnt something insightful? Make sure to include this in your CV as it adds to the Employers understanding of your character/

Strategy Games
Examples: Chess, Sudoku, Risk
These types of activities show you’re strategically minded and don’t mind repetitive tasks. You can work on a project examining all factors and overcome challenges. It also means you have an end goal in sight, and you're thinking of the next 'move' to succeed. This type of hobby may suit a technical position very well.

Endurance sports
Examples: Swimming, running, cycling
Some people call you crazy, but you feel a burning desire inside of you to push yourself to the limit! These types of pursuits show tenacity, determination and an unrivalled desire to stretch your human capabilities. Draw on an experience and share how it could be well suited to the role you applying for. Make sure when drawing on experience it is relevant to the role you're applying for. 

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