How to avoid the job searching nightmare

Job searching can be tough, more so if you have applied to numerous companies and none have got back to you. That’s where we come in. We can help you find that role you’re looking for, or help you on your job searching journey. Job searching can be a bit of a minefield with all the competition for roles, and there can be so many reasons why you may be rejected or not even picked up to begin with. Namely, what if your CV doesn’t outline your best skills, or has left out important terminology to land a role? What if you don’t know what role you would be good for, or don’t have much knowledge about what is ‘out there’? What if it’s your first interview and you’re very nervous about the recruitment process?

Here at IT Graduate Recruitment we know that each graduate comes to us with different aspirations and challenges. We take time to work with everyone on a personal level to devise an effective strategy to meet individual goals. We work solely with graduates at all levels who want to pursue a career in IT and Technology and we can land you your dream role. We will help you with your:

  • Job search, including getting you interviews and a role
  • Tell you graduate market trends and salary benchmarking
  • Advice on roles, what is involved and your suitability to them
  • Help with CV and Cover Letter writing

Our clients range from innovative startup to established brands with household names, all of which have different and exciting cultures. We have a number of roles within the IT Market as well so we’re sure to find you one you’re most suited too. Companies will not necessarily advertise all their vacancies, working solely with agencies to find them the best people. If your graduate job search has not been successful so far and you’ve struggled reaching out to the best person, we can put you in front of the Hiring Manager making the decisions.

Taking your first step on an IT career path can be a daunting challenge. At IT Graduate Recruitment, we make life much easier for new graduates helping with every aspect of that first career move. Avoid the job searching nightmare and use our thorough and expansive knowledge of the IT industry and our vital contacts to find you your next, or first, career.

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