Should I study IT, Computing or Technology at University?

IT and Technology is a diverse and ever-changing market, which is why it offers a range of job opportunities and specialisms. With the proliferation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, virtual reality and automation, there is a whole host of interesting and expanding markets that were the centre of science fiction stories some fifty years ago.  If Bill Gates could study a topic as a graduate it would be artificial intelligence as it is a  "promising field(s) where you can make a huge impact." IT is more than computers and coding, it can truly make a difference to how we engage with each other, communicate and impact all levels of businesses and industries.

Many universities specialise in IT and Technology, and there is plenty of choice of topics, including the major areas of artificial intelligence, data systems, security, computer software, mobile and cloud computing, information and knowledge management. IT offers a range of career opportunities and can satisfy many interests, while it is very sought after. It is a well paid career as well, while it’s not going anywhere. With IT you will continuously learn and adapt as new technology is developed,who knows you might be developing it!

Techies don’t often work alone either, bundled in a dark basement like the IT Crowd. IT is extremely collaborative and although you can work by yourself, you can work as part of a team or help desk too. In most IT careers you’ll be working closely with people, working on group projects or working as part of a larger initiative. But, if you prefer working by yourself in your own creative element, no problem, there’s jobs like that too. Nevertheless, employers want someone with the full package, and good communication skills is essential.

IT offers you a range of skills, including practical ones you transfer in the world of work. The most obvious skill is IT can help improve your numeracy skills and ability to prioritise, as well as more proficient skills like project management or change management. Due to the nature of the systems and software, you will be encouraged to think logically or methodically to offer a solution, including communicating this effectively. These are all valuable and transferable skills in the world of work. That is why graduates from STEm backgrounds succeed within the IT and technology industry, as they learn the ability to rationalise, think logically and work well with code.

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