The Art of Entering the IT Market as a Graduate

Having finished a Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or a related discipline you may be wondering what now?

You’ll be pleased to know it’s an encouraging time for graduates hoping to start a career in the IT Sector! Specific skills in the computing world are seeing a steady rise as technological advancements are resulting in more positions become sort after such as; Analysts, Developers, Support and Technical Consultancy.

CV Preparation - Get it right:

  1. Keep It punchy – on average, employers spend 7 seconds looking at any one CV. Keep it relevant to the job you’re applying for
  2. Tailor it – Don’t send the same CV to multiple employers!
  3. Include a personal statement – at the top of your CV, it’ll help show clarity to the person reading it. Why are you the best person for the job?
  4. Keep it up to date – It’s important to keep your CV current when searching for a new job. Any notable achievements should be recorded in date order
  5. Check that spelling – Your CV is the first point of contact you have with your potential new employer. Spellchecker and proof reading is a must
  6. Be honest – Blatant lies can land you in hot water if your employer checks your background and references. Keep it genuine and you’ll steer clear of any slip ups.
  7. Detail your achievements – explain how they were carried out, don’t simply list programs but give insight into how they were accomplished
  8. Keep it smart – In a world where image is everything – take some time to neaten it up. Alternatively, get creative with your CV depending on the role you’re applying for.

With a rise of innovative software houses popping up across London and the UK, routes to enter different areas of the industry are very achievable. IT underlies everything we do in a number of sectors from Banking, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Gaming to name a few.

Let’s explore some of the core requirements of the most popular IT Graduate jobs available.

Graduate Developer
Typically split into two areas, Software Development and Web Development.

 As a Graduate Web Developer you will need to:

  • Understand what makes great web design
  • Understand usability factors
  • Have knowledge of international web development standards
  • Have knowledge of web development languages such as JavaScript, Python, CSS, PHP, C++ etc

As a Graduate Software Developer you will need to:

  • Have an excellent range of programming languages such as C#, C++, .Net etc
  • Ability to understand technical plans
  • Understand “CASE” Computer Aided Software Engineering tools (such as data base management, programming and Quality assurance tools)
  • Be an excellent problem solver

Graduate Analyst
This role would suit an analytical graduate with excellent knowledge of both the IT and technical side whilst wider business knowledge will help in addressing how IT systems can be improved or certain software implemented in order to better serve the business’s needs.

  • Have a good knowledge of programming, software and hardware
  • Excellent data management skills
  • Effective budget management skills
  • Creative approach to problem solving

Graduate IT Support
This role typically involves working with non-technical people on a daily basis, which will require having excellent communication skills. Explaining technical issues and solutions to people with limited IT knowledge will occur often.

  • Have in depth knowledge of popular systems and software
  • Excellent organisational skills, keeping track of issues and solutions

Graduate Technical Consultancy
Technical Consultancy involves learning about the needs and requirements of clients and implementing a software solution to reach those needs. Typically involving face-to-face interaction you will have to ensure your communication skills are of a high standard.

  • Be confident in dealing with different types of people with unique needs.
  • Be thorough in detailing the solutions
  • Be very presentable


How can IT Graduate Recruitment help you?

We're a young company who specialise in placing top graduates in the IT sector. Our candidates have typically studied Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or a related discipline. We have excellent clients who are typically start-ups to medium sized businesses growing at a fast rate. We understand that everyone is different and stepping into your first job can be daunting, for this reason we offer a tailored process for each graduate. 

We determine the best possible roles which match your skill-set and find graduates opportunities offering clear progression and training. Each graduate has different aspirations and we work with you on a personal level to increase your chances of securing a position. Perfecting your CV and preparation for interview is very important to us and we give candidates on-going support and assistance at every moment. 

Typical roles we recruit for in the IT sector are; Analysts, Developers, Support and Technical Consultancy. We have some fantastic clients who seek bright graduates who are eager to learn and develop. Many of the companies are innovative software houses with rapid growth and healthy investment, offering responsibility and challenges to help you grow over a short time.

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